Rescuers free deer trapped in fence tape

5:10pm Thursday 2nd February 2012

By Elizabeth Sweetman

THIS poor fallow deer was left fighting for its life after becoming entangled in electric fence tape.

Fortunately, RSPCA animal welfare officer Steve Davies and Bob Lawrence, director of wildlife at West Midland Safari Park, rescued the animal after it was found in a field in Dunley, near Stourport, last week.

The deer fought hard to survive and used all its physical in a bid for freedom but instead became further entangled and faced dying from exhaustion or being strangled by the tape.

It was sedated before being cut free from the tape which was attached to a fence post.

The deer, which is believed to be about six years old, was uninjured and later released to a secure location with other wild deer.

Mr Davies said: “There couldn’t have been a better outcome to this rescue but on arrival I thought it really could have gone either way.

“The deer was huffing and puffing due to physical exhaustion but the tape was so tightly wrapped around his antlers and more worryingly his neck.

“This rescue would not have been possible had it not been for the support of Bob Lawrence.

“Once the deer was sedated we worked fast to cut the tape and it was a wonderful moment to discover he wasn’t injured. Had he not been found he would have suffering a very slow and agonising death.”

Anyone who witnesses a trapped animal in distress can call the RSPCA national cruelty and advice line on 0300 1234999.


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