A MAN has been found guilty of brutally murdering his girlfriend and their baby daughter.

Anthony Marsh was today found guilty of the murders of Stephanie Bellinger and baby Lili at the family home in Totton in February this year.

He began his frenzied attack as the mother and baby slept.

Stephanie had been "wounded, stabbed or cut repeatedly" over 30 times to the head, neck, back and chest and had woken screaming when the attack had began and tried to defend herself.

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Lili had been stabbed once in the head but also had bruising to her face. Marsh said he had attempted to strangle her, suffocate her and stood on her with both feet.

Marsh, who was 21 at the time, then took a shower before he fled the house in the middle of the night, leaving their two-year-old son locked inside "alive and unharmed".

It was at least 30 hours before the murders were discovered by Stephanie's mother Elizabeth, and sister Ruth.

They had gone to the house, worried that they could not reach Stephanie by phone, and seen the little boy through the letterbox who began shouting "nana, nana".

When they shouted to him and asked him where his mum was, he told them she and Lili were sleeping, jurors heard.

A neighbour then helped them break into the semidetached house, using a hammer to smash a glass pane in the porch door.

The women ran upstairs where they found Stephanie's partly naked body, with the knife still in her from the final wound Marsh inflicted. Next to her was Lili's body, covered by a duvet. Marsh's bloody handprint was on the wall and a book entitled How to Lose a Husband and Gain a Life was lying on the pillow.

Marsh was arrested three days later in Fareham town centre, after walking there from Totton.

While he admitted the killings, Marsh had claimed 'voices' in his head had made him commit the terrible crimes. As a result, he denied murder.

The court was told that Marsh claims he was suffering from an abnormality that comes from psychosis which "substantially impaired his responsibility".

However, the jury today decided that Marsh was guilty of the murders.