ON the night she disappeared Saints steward Paula Poolton argued with her secret lover accused of her murder when he said he couldn't see her, a court heard.

In his witness interview with police when Paula was still missing Roger Kearney told detectives that he last spoke to her on the telephone hours before she disappeared.

Winchester Crown Court heard that he had been "upset" when he had told her that he couldn't go and view houses with her during the next week because he was on holiday with his partner.

In his witness interviews read out by Prosecutor Iain Wicks Kearney said: "She was a bit peeved about that because she was nervous.

"She said well basically if you wanted to see me you would make the effort.

"She got a bit upset and then said well I understand.

"I understand that you wanted to see me."

The court also heard more intimate details about the couple's affair and how they used to meet three or four times a week In his interview to police Kearney said how his relationship with 40-year-old Paula grew into something more.

He said they would meet at the Solent Hotel Gym in Whitely both for a workout separately, meet up after in the sauna or jacuzzi then sit outside in his car afterwards for a "kiss and a cuddle".

The court was also told they often met at her home in Course Park Crescent, Titchfield which she shared with her husband of three-years.

Kearney said: "I felt guilty. I was a bit uncomfortable there I must admit."

During the police interview on October 24, 2008 Kearney also said how he felt "sick" over Paula's disappearance he said "I think something's happened I don't know, I don't know, I knew somebody who disappeared before so I think something's happened."

Kearney, 57, of Painswick Close, Sarisbury Green denies killing Paula, who was found stabbed to death in the boot of her car in Duncan Road, Park Gate in October 2008. Proceeding.