Accused 'fabricated an alibi' for murder trial

7:20am Wednesday 2nd June 2010

By Melanie Adams

THE MAN accused of killing Saints steward Paula Poolton has “fabricated an alibi” in a desperate bid to escape conviction for her murder, a court heard.

In the prosecution’s closing speech, Winchester Crown Court heard how Roger Kearney’s alibi for the night Paula disappeared has “literally fallen apart at the seams”.

They say the evidence clearly points to the fact that he killed the 40-year-old in Duncan Road on October 17, 2008, because he was “worried” she was going to reveal their three-month affair to his partner.

Jurors were told by the prosecution that the key to their case was the evidence relating to what time Kearney left his home on the night in question.

They were told three cars left Painswick Close, Sarisbury Green, between 9.30pm and 10.30pm, that night, the second of which was one of Kearney’s neighbours.

The prosecution says his car was the one leaving at 9.30pm, while Kearney said he was the one leaving at 10.20pm and seen seven seconds later driving past Swanwick Marina.

The jury heard that to drive the distance of one mile between Painswick Close and Swanwick Marina in seven seconds, Kearney would have had to be travelling at 545mph.

Prosecutor Nicholas Haggan added: “If you reject the defendant’s evidence that he left his home sometime after 10pm then you know his alibi is false. Having come to the conclusion the alibi is false we submit all of the other pieces fall into place.”

Jurors also heard how Kearney was “capable of keeping a secret” as nobody suspected his affair with Paula, who was “besotted” with him.

Kearney, 57, of Painswick Close, denies murdering Paula, of Course Park Crescent, who was found stabbed to death in the boot of her car 11 days after she went missing.



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