TOP medics will meet this week to discuss why a 23-month-old toddler died from swine flu so suddenly in his sleep.

A panel of doctors will meet on Wednesday in Bristol in a bid to find out why Andrew McCall was found dead in his cot on Christmas morning.

His parents, Sarah-Jane and Iain McCall, of Lower Duncan Road, Park Gate, say their son was showing no symptoms when they put him to bed on Christmas Eve when they were staying with family in Portishead, near Bristol.

A post-mortem carried out at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London revealed Andrew died from swine flu with no underlying health issues.

The brave couple found the courage to speak to the Daily Echo to urge other parents in Hampshire to vaccinate their children against the killer virus.

It is a race against time as there are just 13 days for healthy children under five to get protected against swine flu. Health chiefs in Hampshire have urged for all parents to arrange for their children to get the jab before March 31 when the Government withdraws it.

Sarah-Jane, 35, said: “The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the findings of the medics regarding Andrew’s death, including why he might have died so quickly and quietly but also if there are any lessons to be learnt from his death.

“Our precious baby was taken from us far too quickly and it is absolutely unbearable, but if telling his story can save just one other child’s life we will be happy.”

Dad Iain added: “We are determined to make a positive come from this. The general portrayal is that swine flu has gone away and it’s not in the public consciousness any more but it is a killer virus and there is still a risk.”

Dr Iain Maclennan, of NHS Hampshire, said he was grateful to the family for encouraging vaccination so they can provide the best protection possible.

He urged parents to arrange for their child to receive the vaccination by the end of March.