UNEMPLOYED David Frost, 28, is busy getting his plot ready for the first seed potatoes to go in.

“The allotment keeps me busy and it helps save money, too. It has been hard work digging it over because it was very overgrown but I’ve enjoyed every minute of it – and we’ve got two compost piles full of what we’ve dug up,” he said.

David, pictured, has always loved gardening and he learnt plenty of tips from his dad, who also had a plot.

“I’m spending as much time as I can down here because I want to get the plot ready. It’s a bit chilly but once you get digging you don’t feel the cold.

“I’m going to be putting in loads of potatoes and I also want to grow swedes and parsnips,” he said.

David has enjoyed being on his plot so much, he would like to turn gardening into his livelihood.

“I’m an outdoors sort of person and I would love to have a gardening job,” he said.