TWO men were ambushed by attackers with knives who had been lying in wait for them as they walked through Southampton.

One of the victims, a 21-year-old, suffered a punctured lung after he was knifed in the back.

He is continuing to recover in Southampton General Hospital where his condition was described as stable.

The second victim, aged 22, was stabbed in the left shoulder but his injuries are not serious.

It is the first stabbing in the city since the launch of the joint anti-knife campaign by Southampton police and the Daily Echo exactly a week ago.

The aim of the initiative is to deter young people from carrying a blade and to make them think about the consequences.

It was launched as it was revealed how one in five teenagers had admitted during police research that they had carried a knife or a gun. Statistics also showed the particular problem age in Southampton for people carrying a weapon was men aged 15-22.

This latest attack took place on Saturday night at the junction of Roundhill Close and Hazelwood Road in Townhill Park.

Paramedics and police had been called to the scene by a witness who rang 999 to report a fight and on arrival they thought the injuries suffered by the 21-year-old were life-threatening.

The second victim had managed to run off and is thought to have given chase to his attackers before he was found in the Meggeson Avenue area.

Throughout the remainder of the weekend increased police patrols were operating around the estate to try and reassure residents.

Detectives have launched an investigation and are appealing for anyone with information who saw two men acting suspiciously to call on 0845 045 4545. A spokeswoman for Hampshire police said: "People caught carrying a knife will be arrested and face four years in prison. You also increase the chance of it being used on you, even if you intend for it not to be used at all."

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