A HAMPSHIRE-based charity founded more than 90 years ago to help wounded heroes of the First World War has launched a fresh bid for funds so it can revamp a resource centre and provide services fit for the 21st century.

Enham needs to raise at least £500,000 in order to create a state of the art social hub, wellbeing centre, up to date training facilities and a more spacious radio studio for the hundreds of disabled residents living in the village just north of Andover.

The Enham 500 campaign aims to find 500 businesses, each prepared to hand over £1,000 to help.

One of those backing the bid is actor Christopher Biggins.

The TV celebrity has made a special video for the campaign and during filming he proved to be an instant hit with residents.

He said: “During just one visit to make the fundraising video I soon realised what a wonderful place this is and made friends with a lot of people who are here.

“It is particularly fitting that the campaign is launched while the Paralympics are taking place. It is a fantastic event and I have been moved by every moment I have watched.

“This is an extension of that and will help people who need to be helped and give them another life.”

The project is also supported by TV ‘Dragon’ and millionaire entrepreneur Hilary Devey, pictured left who has taken Enham on as one of her special causes.

The project will radically change the central building’s interior giving it more natural light and greater space for all those living in Enham to enable them to integrate, learn new skills and gain independence and confidence in a world that is increasingly brutal and lacking in sympathy Despite widespread interest in the Paralympics, positive attitudes to people with disabilities are declining, says the charity, and disabled people report an increased incidence of abuse in the street.

Enham’s chief executive Peta Wilkinson, said: “There has never been a more important time to help improve these facilities as people are facing the cumulative impact of the recession and welfare reform.”

As well as corporate sponsors the charity is hoping private individuals will help by visiting their website on enham.org.uk and hitting the donate button.