I am entering the events, along with my mum, because of a very motivating friend of mine- Louise Rall.

I met Louise two years ago when our sons started primary school together. They are the best of friends and luckily for us, Lou and I struck up a great friendship too.

Shortly after meeting Lou, she mentioned how she had suffered from breast cancer when she was pregnant with her son Ben. This was unimaginable in itself, but then she went on to say that having won that battle and having celebrated good health, she was once again struck down with the disease. This time the cancer had spread and as a result, Lou is in a constant battle fighting secondary cancer.

Although it is an enormous fight for her, she is up for the challenge and her outlook on life and determination is inspirational. The treatment is ongoing and, rather than a recovery, it is more a case of keeping the cancer at bay.

That said, everyday she turns up with a smiling face, even when she feels nauseous, tired and with sore feet.

Given the incredible work Cancer Research has done for Lou, and for women across the country, it seems the best way to help is to get the running shoes on and join in as many Race for Life events as I can.

Mum sees Lou a lot as well and has had a number of friends pass away from this disease, which is why she is taking part, too.

I have also enlisted the help of other local ladies. There are nine of us altogether and between us we are running in a variety of different events. Our first one is the Winchester race on June 13. In fact, over some weekends we are entering up to three races each, which should be interesting to say the least!

The aim of this summer is to raise as much money and awareness as possible for a great charity which helps or touches most families.

There are a number of mums at our primary school who are also fighting this terrible disease.We need to help fund Cancer Research UK so that more can be done to help them.

And, more importantly, so their children do not suffer.

My friendship with Lou has never known any different.

I think it would have been strong regardless of her having cancer.

However, knowing someone has cancer makes you realise how precious life is and that time should never be wasted.

I hope that by running as many Race for Life events as I can, Louise may just get the more time she deserves.