AN elderly Hampshire woman has been conned out of £4,000 by fraudsters targeting the elderly and vulnerable.

The 91-year-old victim is one of three New Forest pensioners who have been talked into revealing their PIN numbers and handing over their debit or credit cards.

Each of the victims received a 'phone call purporting to come from the banks.

They were told that their bank or credit cards had expired and that a courier would collect them and provide them with new ones.

A man called at their home a few days later, collected the cards and exchanged them for new ones that turned out to be fake. In each case the victim was persuaded to disclose the PIN numbers for the “expired” cards.

A police spokesman said: “A 91-year-old Fawley woman was subsequently told by her bank that £4,000 had been taken from her account.

“A Milford on Sea man aged 90 was told that several attempts had been made to withdraw cash using the credit card he had given the courier.

“An elderly Boldre woman revealed her PIN but called her bank. They cancelled the card, which meant she didn't lose any money.”

Detective Sergeant Matt Taylor, leading the investigation, urged all New Forest residents to be on their guard.

He added: “If people receive a call from their bank they're usually asked a series of security questions, but banks never ask for a PIN or send a courier to collect cards.

“If there's any doubt that the call really is from a bank, people shouldn't disclose any details.”