A POLICE officer has spoken of the horrific scene he faced when he was deployed to a fatal road accident - involving a drink driver.

As part of Hampshire Police's Don't Get Smashed, drink drive campaign the force has released a video of an interview with Sgt Jay Hewes who was at the scene of the accident in November last year.

In it he describes the immediate aftermath of the accident in which a 23-year-old woman driver, who had been drinking, died after her car hit another vehicle.

He said: “There are feelings of dread when you approach a scene like this.

“We are fathers and human beings as well as being sergeants so I was preparing myself for the worst when I got to the scene.”

He described how he could hear a woman screaming and how the accident scene was so distressing that a colleague could not look at it.

The girl's father has allowed the police to take the wreckage around the county, in the hope it will show people the devastation caused by drink-driving.

Sgt Hewes urged drivers not to get behind the wheel if they have had a drink, “It is horrendous to see any loss of life,” he added.

The campaign is running until New Year's Day and will see officers out in force on the roads. The public is also being urged to text a dedicated number, 80999, if they suspect someone is drink driving.

Officers arrested 17 people on suspicion of drink driving in the first two days of the campaign that was launched at the start of December.