Paul Taylor committed a series of rapes before murdering Sally McGrath. Here is how events unfolded:

:: August 8 1974: A 17-year-old claims Taylor ripped her clothes off and raped her. Taylor is later acquitted of rape at Leicester Crown Court.

:: April 1979: A woman escapes from Taylor after he attempts to rape and indecently assault her in his car following a christening party.

:: March 15 1979: Taylor rapes a 19-year-old woman in his car at a secluded spot. He then pours whisky over her to make her appear drunk. He later carries out a serious sexual assault and another rape on the same woman.

:: June 28 1979: Taylor violently rapes a teenage girl at Castor Hanglands and about 600 yards from where Miss McGrath's body was later found.

:: July 11 1979: Miss McGrath disappears from her Peterborough home after reports that she was seen drinking with Taylor in the city's Bull Hotel. Taylor, who was on bail for a suspected burglary at the time, fails to sign in at the police station that day.

:: July 1979: A woman claims she was attacked by Taylor shortly after Miss McGrath's death. Taylor is later acquitted of attempted rape after she changes her account in court.

:: March 1 1980: Miss McGrath's body is found badly decomposed in a shallow grave at Castor Hanglands.

:: November 30 2010: Taylor is arrested by Cambridgeshire Police following a cold case review.

:: October 9 2011: Taylor is charged with murder, three counts of rape, one attempted rape, a serious sexual assault and an indecent assault.

:: December 4 2012: Taylor is convicted of Miss McGrath's murder.