RAILWAY users told of their shock after a man was robbed outside a New Forest station.

Passengers waiting at the quiet railway station expressed their surprise that this had happened in such a rural area and sympathy for the victim.

A man was forced to drive from the station at gunpoint to a cash machine where he was made to hand over cash before the gunman made his getaway with the victim's car.

Jo Handy, from New Milton, said: “I think that's appalling and it's very frightening.

“If you can't drive your car, get on a train...poor bloke, it's terrible.

“It could have been anybody - it could have been my husband, he gets on early trains sometimes.”

Jill Jenkins, from Brockenhurst, said: “It's scary. It's surprising, but everything happens these days, nothing surprises me any more.”

A member of staff at the railway station said they had only become aware of any issue when the police turned up later.