A CLEANER has been jailed for two years after a court heard how he abused the trust of two vulnerable people to steal thousands of pounds and silverware.

At Southampton Crown Court, Judge Gary Burrell QC heard how 90-year-old Elouisa Laborda-Jones, who lived in a flat in a manor house near Fordingbridge, was heavily reliant on carers, one of whom was Silvio Chamorro, who was paid £10 or £20 per visit.

In November 2010, he said that he was going to see his mother for Christmas but never returned.

In March it was found that a cheque drawn on Ms Laborda-Jones’ account in the sum of £4,063 had been made payable to him. Silverware had also been taken.

The court heard how in November 2009, Chamorro had formed a relationship with Simon Ford, who acted as a carer for his paraplegic father, Kenneth.

Mr Ford found that a cheque for £1,200 had been drawn on the elderly man’s account and two credit cards had also been taken out in his name.

Police traced Chamorro in August this year following a tip-off from the Border Agency.

Chamorro, 50, of Elmes Drive, Southampton, admitted theft and fraud.