Two Isle of Wight bars are to be closed for seven days after staff were repeatedly caught selling alcohol to juveniles.

In recent test-purchase operations carried out by police and local authority trading standards officers, two venues: Ryde Superbowl and Foleys Bar, Shanklin, sold alcohol to volunteer purchasers aged 16-years-old.

In one instance the purchaser was aged just 15-years-old.

Where an 'underage' sale is repeated within a 3 month period the licensee may have committed an offence of 'persistently selling alcohol to children.'

In response, authorities may impose a 'closure order' banning alcohol sales for a fixed period.

These orders, issued by Superintendent Will Schofield under Section 169A of the Licensing Act 2003, will apply from January 14 at Foley's and from February 4 at Ryde Superbowl.

Under this legislation 'closure' means all sales of alcohol are banned for the full 7-day period, but the premises may remain open for other lawful activities.

Police licensing sergeant Mark Voller said: "Police view selling alcohol to juveniles as a serious matter, as reflected by the action taken against these venues.

"We have repeatedly warned that bar staff must carry out 'proof of age' checks in line with the policy on the premises.

"We have found that where no attempt is made to check ID the risk of making an illegal sale increases sharply.

"Licensees must show their staff how to check customer ID, then make sure they actually do it."

He added: "Together with Trading Standards officers we have met with the licence holders for both bars, who reassured us that everything possible is now being done to prevent illegal sales.

"We hope other Island businesses will take note of this outcome and we are keen to assist any licensee who is unsure of the law or the measures they need to put in place."