CAMPAIGNERS this afternoon have begged the Prime Minister to reunite Ashya with his parents tonight.

Southampton man Sanjay Ganatra and Ethan Dallas marched on Downing Street this lunchtime to hand in their petition calling on David Cameron to take action to ensure Brett and Naghmeh King can be with their seriously-ill son.

And now Hampshire MEP Daniel Hannan has revealed he is working to get the CPS to drop its case against the Kings.

Since starting the petition Mr Ganatra and Mr Dallas have collected more than 125,000 signatures from around the world, backing their cause.

Daily Echo:

Speaking outside Number 10 Mr Ganatra, from Sholing, said: “Please please please Mr Cameron reunite them with Ashya, everything else can wait.

“He needs his parents and his parents need him.

“We are here to talk about reuniting the family together so that they can discuss medical care for Ashya in order to make sure Ashya is treated, he recovers and they are reunited and he can have the love he wants, yearns and deserves.”

He added that he appreciates the support their campaign has received from Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg this morning.

Meanwhile there will be a court hearing at 2.30pm today to review the order that made Ashya a ward of court.

Mr Hannan said he is working with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), Hampshire police and the Spanish authorities to try and secure the immediate release of Ashya King’s parents.

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Hampshire MEP Daniel Hannan

He said: “I am talking to the CPS, the police and the Spanish authorities to try to secure the immediate release of Ashya King’s parents.

“They are very obviously victims of an injustice – and, I hope, a swiftly remediable injustice. They have committed no crime.

"Removing your child from a hospital is not an offence, and the only cruelty I can see in this case is the cruelty of leaving a five-year-old boy in a foreign hospital separated from his parents.

“The Spanish judicial authorities, with whom I have been in touch, have no discretion, because the Kings – my constituents – were subject to a European Arrest Warrant. The EAW allows no scope for flexibility, for common sense or for humanity."

Mr Hannan added: “It is for the UK authorities to withdraw the warrant. The heavy-handed way in which this case has been handled reflects badly on all concerned: the hospital, the police, the CPS and, for what it’s worth, the police and crime commissioner for Hampshire.

"We have seen British officialdom at its worst: authoritarian, self-righteous and blundering. A five-year-old child is paying the price.”