TRAFFIC police are cracking down on the “fatal four” bad driving habits that lead to deadly crashes on the south’s roads.

Major roads around Hampshire and the Isle of Wight are being targeted by officers to clamp down on offences such as using mobile phones while driving, not wearing seatbelts and speeding.

Despite an overall downward trend in accidents resulting in death or serious injury, the summer months saw a spike in numbers, particularly on the Isle of Wight where five people died, prompting a response by police.

The operation has begun and will run for an initial six months.

Chief Insp Andy Bottomley said: “We take a risk every time we get into our car. And the less responsible you are when driving, the greater that risk becomes. We’re in a position where lives are being lost or heavily impacted by collisions which could be prevented by a bit of common sense and consideration.

“The aim of this crackdown is to really hammer home the risks that bad driving practice carries with it and try to change the attitudes of those driving poorly.

“You may pass your test as a teenager and never do it again so there’s scope to get into bad habits and these are what cause collisions.”

Anyone found to be not wearing seatbelts will receive fixed penalty tickets and those using mobile phones or other devices or speeding could face a fine or the courts.

Drink-drivers will be arrested and their car impounded while they are in custody.

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