IT was a routine call that turned into a battle to save a man’s life.

Now Hampshire policeman PC David Hollands has been given a prestigious award for the vital role he played in resuscitating cardiac arrest victim Philip Simpson.

PC Hollands, who is based at Hedge End police station, had received what he believed to be a normal call-out.

The ambulance service had asked him to take charge of a young boy because the person who was looking after him had been taken ill.

But when he arrived at Mr Simpson’s home in Chandler’s Ford, he came across a very different situation.

He said: “I was with a colleague just as normal and we got a call to go and assist the ambulance service because someone was having an asthma attack and they had an 11-yearold child with them who didn’t want to go to hospital.

“But when we got there, a paramedic was rushing around the ambulance and inside there was another paramedic on the floor trying to do the CPR and breathing on his own.”

While paramedics rushed to get a defibrillator to revive Mr Simpson, PC Hollands took over the chest compressions.

“On the third round I felt his heart start beating again and he started breathing,” PC Hollands said.

Medics are still not sure what caused Mr Simpson’s heart to stop, but he has since made a complete recovery.

PC Hollands’ part in saving Mr Simpson’s life has now been recognised by the Royal Humane Society, which has awarded him a top national lifesaving honour, after he was nominated by his sergeant.

PC Hollands said: “I just feel like I haven’t done anything that anyone else wouldn’t have done. But it does show how diverse the job is.

“I went there expecting to take charge of a young child and I got there and someone was having a heart attack right in front of me “It was one of those things that you go to thinking it’s going to be routine and all of a sudden everything’s kicking off.”

The award is a recognition that is welcomed by Mr Simpson, 30, who says he is very grateful for PC Hollands’ actions that day.

Mr Simpson, 30, added: “I don’t remember anything – I just woke up in hospital.

“PC Hollands was there when I woke up.

“I didn’t know what had happened and I just asked why I was there and fell back to sleep.

“I’m pleased he’s got the award – he saved my life.”