TIME is of the essence.

The Daily Echo’s countdown until the end of the world has now hit the 24-day mark.

And with so little time remaining until December 21 – the final date in the Mayan calendar – today we bring you two time-related challenges to add to your bucket list.

According to a recent survey by the British Heart Foundation, the thing we regret most in life is not seeing enough of the world.

Well, today is the perfect opportunity to put those thoughts to bed and experience a day in each of planet Earth’s 24 different time zones.

From Europe to Australia, South America to Asia, why not spend your remaining days jet-setting around the world to see as much of it as you can – before it all comes to an end?

For those seeking a slightly less gruelling challenge, there’s always the 24-hour slog – something that a number of us will no doubt have experienced during our university days.

So relive your youth by putting in a 24- hour shift – stay up all day then party the night away, before heading into work slightly worse for wear in the morning, without grabbing a single one of your 40 winks.

If December 21 will be the end of the world, why waste it sleeping?