RESIDENTS of Fareham are getting the unusual chance to name a new community that is being built to the north of the town.

The borough council wants the public to choose between a choice of three names for the new community north of Fareham.

A consultation on the name of the new development north of the M27, set to have 7,000 homes, runs from this Friday until March 31.

Fareham Borough Council has already researched local historical records to come up with the three names, which have a close historical connection with the land.

They are Spurlings, Swansdell and Welborne.

Spurlings is marked on the 1879 Ordnance Survey map and in 1841 it was occupied by Charles Osborn, who developed houses along Osborn Road there is also a Spurlings Road north of the M27 at Junction 11.

Swans Dell Cottage is also marked on the 1879 Ordnance Survey map and was occupied in 1841 by the gamekeeper of Roche Court and a labourer John Stares.

Welborne relates to fields immediately north of Kiln Road and south of Kneller Court. The land was occupied at the time of the tithe map by John Budd in the 1830s - it was owned as part of Fareham Manor by the Gardiner family of Roche Court.

Executive Leader of Fareham Borough Council Councillor Seán Woodward said: “This is another opportunity for local people to get involved and help shape the new community.

“The identity of the new community is important and the name is obviously a critical part of that.”

From Friday, residents can vote by logging on to the council website, visit the civic offices and upcoming Community Action Team meetings or use the voting slip in Fareham Today.

Local schools have been invited to take part in voting sessions and young people will have the chance to vote at the next SNAP disco.

The name with the most votes will be announced at a council's executive meeting on April 15.