A HAMPSHIRE town has given the stamp of disapproval to Royal Mail after it removed the town’s name from the majority of postal addresses.

Business owners and residents in Portchester are angry at the Royal Mail decision and several in the town’s West Street are claiming they haven’t received mail for more than a week while others claim the town has lost its identity.

Ian Butcher, chairman of the Portchester Traders Association said: “It’s quite a hindrance as the identity of Portchester is important for local people.

“Our identity as a town is important especially as have the only walled Norman castle in the whole of Europe and we have a strong historical heritage that people are proud of and having their post labelled as Portchester is important.

"We have similar street names like West Street and East Street in Fareham so I’m not surprised that mail is going missing, we need to maintain the postal town.”

One resident of nearby White Hart Lane said: “I’m not sure what is going on.

"I know one business owner who was meant to be getting deliveries every day but some ended up in Fareham town centre which has been particularly annoying as they were missed or two important bill payments."

Now a petition of more than 1,500 signatures started by Portchester Eas Councillor Geoff Fazackarley has been presented to Fareham council protesting against the Royal Mail’s decision.

Councillor Fazackarley, the current Fareham mayor, said: “The matter of preserving the identity of Portchester is important because it marks our individuality.

“I’ve also had complaints from businesses who have not received any mail or parcels and instead it had been send to alternative locations in Fareham.

"Portchester is a close-knit community here and we want to have to be able to have that recognised by having our area on our mail.”

Council leader Sean Woodward sent a letter to the Royal Mail demanding Portchester’s identity should be retained in the postal address.

A spokesperson for the Royal Mail said: “We aren’t aware of any issues in Portchester or any letters from the council leader that have been officially lodged with us.

"If residents have any problems or complaints then they should contact us directly.”