A NEW Forest family have issued a plea for help after their four-year-old dog ran off almost a week ago.

After being spooked by a firework display at a family birthday party at Allum Green, Buddy, a trio-coloured Collie, ran into Lyndhurst on Saturday evening.

Buddy belongs to a family of four who all live in Totton.

Posts for the four-year-old dog to come home have been shared thousands of times online.

Despite sightings all over the New Forest, Buddy’s owners are appealing for help to ensure he returns home safely.

Stacey Page, 25, said: “He’s been our family dog since he was eight-weeks-old, and he will be five in August.

“He bolted from my grandad’s field on Saturday night about 10.30pm because we put on some fireworks for my mum’s 50th birthday.

“He ran into Lyndhurst and we’ve been told that people heard cars swerving, so he’s been causing some mischief.

“People have seen him in Brockenhurst and Rhinefield and we’ve had search parties out too.”

Buddy is chipped and neutered, and despite the extreme heat at the beginning of the week, the family think that he has the energy to keep going strong.

Stacey, a wedding co-ordinator, said: “We have all been out looking.

“My brother Mark and his girlfriend Jo have been brilliant, we just want him home. “All the tips and advice not to go and grab him if he’s found has been incredible.”

Anyone who has information or has caught Buddy is asked to contact Stacey on 07712 463506.