HIGHWAY chiefs are have vowed to take action following a spate of incidents in which lorries on a Hampshire roundabout have toppled over.

Totton councillor David Harrison said warning signs would be placed on all approaches to the Rushington roundabout and the pavement would be moved further back from the road.

It follows several accidents in which lorries heading east on the A35 have crashed on to their side, crushing the safety barrier.

The most recent incident occurred in May, when an articulated vehicle negotiating the roundabout at 7am overturned, causing rush-hour chaos.

In April 2015 a lorry toppled over at the same spot and caught fire, resulting in the road being closed in both directions.

Now Cllr Harrison has raised the issue with highway bosses at the county council amid fears that someone could be killed if the accidents continue.

He said: “In every case the driver seems to have escaped unhurt and it’s only good fortune that no one else has been hurt.

“The lorries have all tipped over at the same spot, completely crushing the safety barrier. If pedestrians had been walking along the pavement there’s a very high chance they would also have been crushed.”

Several of the accidents have involved container lorries.

Cllr Harrison said: “It’s considered likely that loads shifting within the containers may have been a factor in some of the incidents.

"The containers are often sealed units and the driver has no way of knowing whether the load inside the container is secure.

“Highway engineers have no control over how lorries are loaded or they way they are driven.

“But I’m pleased to report that officers have agreed to install new warning signs, including a visual indication of a lorry tipping, on all approaches to the roundabout.

“They’ve also agreed to my suggestion that the pavement and barriers be moved further back from the roundabout.

“The county council will write to HGV operators explaining what we’re proposing to do and asking them to remind drivers about the importance of reducing their speed when negotiating the roundabout.”

Cllr Harrison also wants the temporary 40mph speed limit at the Southampton end of the A35 to be extended as far west as the roundabout.

He said: “The officers have to work with Southampton City Council, which is currently considering whether the 40mph limit should be made permanent.”