A PENSIONER who drove her car along a high-speed rail line has escaped prosecution after giving up her driving licence.

The 85-year-old was giving her grandson a lift to Brockenhurst station when she took a wrong turn and ended up on the track.

Instead of stopping or reversing back on to the road she carried on for about 80 yards – narrowly avoiding the live rail.

As reported in the Daily Echo, her silver-coloured Renault Clio came to rest on a set of points at the end of platform two, halting trains for almost two hours.

The pensioner, who lives in the New Milton area, was later reported for careless driving.

But British Transport Police (BTP) have dropped the case – largely as a result of her decision to quit driving.

A BTP spokesman said: “Given the woman’s age, and the fact that she’s surrendered her licence, officers are taking no further action.”

The incident occurred shortly after the morning rush-hour on January 26.

The pensioner was halfway across a level crossing when she veered left, apparently mistaking the line for the entrance to the station car park.

The car was removed by a crane after she and her 20-yearold grandson were rescued and checked by paramedics.

A similar incident happened at the same spot in 1997, when a 46-year-old woman drove 15 yards up the track.

Hampshire County Council leader Ken Thornber, who represents Brockenhurst, has told highway chiefs to carry out a safety review of the crossing.

Councillor Maureen Holding, who represents Brockenhurst on the district council, said the line was next to the car park entrance and warned that a similar incident could occur in fog. Earlier this month it was revealed that the number of drivers aged 80 or over has topped one million for the first time. But motoring organisations say people over 70 should only be forced to stop driving if there were “compelling”