SHE was just three days old when she was found lying helpless in the Hampshire countryside.

The baby roe deer, still with her umbilical cord attached, was rescued from certain death and given round-the-clock care.

Keepers at the New Forest Wildlife Park took it in turns to look after her in their own homes.

The tiny creature survived against all the odds and is now mingling with older deer in the park as well as following staff on their rounds.

Christened Bracken, the deer was found by a member of the public ten months ago.

One of the biggest challenges faced by staff was finding the right milk for Bracken.

A spokesman said: “The keepers eventually settled on fresh goats’ milk, which had to be obtained daily. Several keepers took it in turns to look after her in their own homes, waking during the night to feed her.”

Head keeper Shanna Dymond said Bracken often sat on her sofa, watching television.

She added: “Roe deer are notoriously difficult to look after in captivity but the keepers are all delighted at how well she has settled in.”