MORE than half a million whippy, wrapped and scooped ice creams were sold at Paultons Park in the past year in a booming partnership with New Forest Ice Creams.

The theme park, home to Peppa Pig World, used the deal to enhance its family experience.

The most popular choice among visitors was Mister Bobble, strawberry and chocolate ice cream covered in chocolate and sugar balls.

Paulton's marketing manager Rob Griffiths said: “We always look at the whole offering and certainly – ice cream plays a part of the family ‘day out’ experience.

"It was important to us to find a high quality product and we had to find a supplier that ticked all the boxes.

"The ice cream choice offered had to be extensive and varied, the ice cream delicious and if it could be from a local supplier then all the better.

“We went through the process of taste testing various brands and understanding the role of brand recognition across the park.

"New Forest Ice Cream has great flavours and offered an additional benefit in terms of branding synergy because of where we are located.

"This also fitted with our policy of trying to source locally if there is no compromise to the quality of experience for our guests.

"The choice became a simple one.”

New Forest Ice Cream director Christina Veal added: "Our relationship with Paultons Park has gone from strength to strength as we continue to deliver what they need for their growing visitor numbers.

"What’s more, our success in theme parks, such as Paultons Park, has meant that we are now recognised as a quality brand with leisure outlets across the rest of England, such as Pleasureland in Southport and Camelot Theme Park in Shorley choosing our range."