A LEADING New Forest organisation is being asked to donate enough land to enable a cycleway to be built between Totton and Marchwood .

The Marchwood-based Barker-Mill Estates could play a vital role in the campaign to provide cyclists and pedestrians with a safer route following two fadeaths.

Gary Lewis, 22, of Park Close, Marchwood, was killed in a collision with a lorry at Jacobs Gutter Lane, Totton, in 2009.

It happened just yards from the spot where moped rider Stephen Tippetts, 30, of Maritime Avenue, Marchwood, died three months earlier.

The two deaths sparked a public meeting at which residents demanded urgent action to prevent further fatalities.

Businesses in the area have offered to cut the cost of a cycle route by providing money, materials and equipment.

Now Marchwood county councillor David Harrison has revealed that further progress was made at a meeting with Simon Barker from Longdown Management, which runs property owned by Barker-Mill Estates.

Cllr Harrison said Mr Barnes had agreed to ask Barker-Mill to release the land needed to build a cycleway.

Marchwood Aggregates, which owns a nearby quarry, will be asked to supply gravel and machinery and engineering experts at Marchwood Military Port might agree to take a look at flooding issues on the proposed route.

“If we can pull this off, it will be a great example of joint working towards a positive outcome,” said Cllr Harrison.