A FREAK storm lashed a New Forest town yesterday, ripping up a conservatory roof and sending debris across a neighbourhood.

Eyewitness living in the Osborne Road area of New Milton reported a violent wind coming out of the blue at about 11.30am, damaging homes as it whipped down the street.

Tony Morris, 69, who lives in Osborne Road, said: “There was this almighty roar. It was like an explosion and felt like the side of the house was coming in.

“It happened so quick. Then I released it must have been a twister.”

Mr Morris then discovered that debris from a conservatory roof, which had blown off from several doors down, had smashed through a roof window.

Peter Smith, 48, who is the landlord of the Wellington Brassiere, in Osborne Road, said: “In all my years I have never seen anything like it. It just came out of nowhere.

“I heard that a garden wall had come down. It was very extreme.”

The Met Office confirmed last night that yesterday’s unsettled weather patterns were ideal conditions for freak weather like a mini tornado.