THE DEVASTATED family of a young Hampshire dad who was electrocuted on a railway line hope that their loss will stop others from risking their lives on the tracks.

Jason May was killed after walking across the tracks at Christchurch train station after a night at a friend’s house.

His family in New Milton have paid tribute to the outgoing and popular 24-year-old and have vowed to keep his memory alive for the sake of his six-month-old son Triyden.

Details of how former Solent University student Jason came to be on the tracks are still unclear as British Transport Police continue their investigations but he had been on his way home to Charminster in Bournemouth after spending the evening at a friend’s house.

Speaking from their home in Eastlands, New Milton , his mum Linda and older brother Shaun, were struggling to come to terms with Jason’s sudden death, so soon after he had become a dad.

She said: “We are all devastated but my husband Pete has been hit so hard by it all. He had so many plans and hopes for Jason and now none of them will ever happen. He was just starting out in life.

“Jason was really out going and loved his extreme sports.

“You could never keep him inside because he was always out on his skateboard or BMX bike. Because of that, whenever he was out I always feared getting that knock at the door but I can’t believe it has happened like this.

“We still don’t know what exactly happened which is really frustrating but I just wish he hadn’t been messing about on the railway lines because he would still be with us today.

“I hope that this will warn others about how dangerous rail tracks can be and that they keep away.”

Jason, who was also an uncle to eight-year-old Harry, worked as a telesales worker at Central Marketing, a job which his mum said he kept going back to because he loved it and everyone loved him.

Growing up with his brother Shaun and younger sister Kerry in New Milton, keen fisherman Jason went to Arnewood School in New Milton before heading to Brockenhurst College, where he got the grades he needed to study accountancy at university.

Since his death his family has been inundated with hundreds of messages from friends which they will store in a special memory box they are creating for Triyden so that he grows up knowing who his dad was and how well loved he was.

Linda added: “Triyden is just a mini version of him so just looking at him is upsetting because they are so alike. However it is comforting to think that Jason lives on through Triyden.”

Shaun, 26, added: “I have some really funny memories of Jason. We have had so many people sending us their memories of Jason which has been a real comfort over the past few days.”

Dorset Police confirmed that they were called to reports of a man behaving inappropriately near railway lines at the station last Monday night but when they arrived the man was seen to “make off”. A body was found a short time later on the railway line near to the Barrack Road railway bridge.

An inquest has been opened and adjourned and a post-mortem gave the cause of death as unascertained.