FROM million-single-selling singer Ellie Goulding to Hollywood star Russell Brand, it’s a venue that showcases all the household names.

But tonight the stage at Southampton’s Guildhall will be graced by something a little different – a Japanese scientist seemingly as obscure as his profile.

For just under £30 you can spend two hours in the company of Dr Masuru Emoto as he pontificates over life’s crucial ingredient... water.

The academic from Yokohama will spend the evening attempting to convince his audience that his controversial theories about mood-affecting water are not as wacky as they sound.

Since we are 70 per cent water, he believes the ability to manipulate it can be used for healing purposes.

Dr Emoto’s UK tour organiser Jackie Deakin said: “He is well-known for his work throughout the world.

“Millions of people believe there is something in this and it is helping them.”

A fan and pal of Dr Emoto is David Icke, from the Isle of Wight, who is no stranger to controversy himself with his theory claiming reptilian humanoids are in control of the world’s governments. To cajole the sceptics at the Guildhall, Dr Emoto will unveil findings of what he believes is a ground-breaking scientific experiment showing how water can be affected by positivity and negativity.

The ability to manipulate water with music will also be explored, with the evening cellist Phillip Handy providing soothing tunes.

Doors open at 7pm, with tickets costing £27.50. Call box office on 023 8063 2601.