A HAMPSHIRE mum may never be able to walk unaided again after a horrific accident at a Southampton trampoline park.

Katie Mamone was left with six torn muscles, two ripped ligaments and loose cartilage in her leg after she visited the Oxygen Freejumping Trampoline Park, in Bursledon Road, for her birthday.

Shocked doctors told the mother-of-one they had never seen anyone with injuries like hers.

The 27-year-old said: “There were people everywhere and there did not seem to be any order to anything... I had only been there five minutes when it happened.”

Katie said she had been jumping when a stranger went to jump on the same trampoline she was aiming for.

And in a bid to avoid the person she landed awkwardly and her leg buckled.

Katie, who is employed as a play-worker at Kidzplay, said she quickly realised she could not use her leg and was left screaming for help.

Despite numerous operations, six pins in her leg and months of physiotherapy Katie, of Beacon Court, in Fordingbridge, is still suffering a year later.

She has been told she will need to wear a surgically fitted brace on her leg for up to nine months and the life-changing injuries may mean she will never be able to bend her knee again.

Katie said the accident had left her depressed, unable to work for almost year and fearing she soon may not be able to pay her bills, when her sick pay runs out.

“It has been horrendous, I can’t even take my little boy to school. It has put my whole life on hold.

“I have not been able to do anything; I had to sell my car and now I have to rely on friends and family members to help me get around.”

Katie is now calling on others to learn from her mistake and for more safety measures in trampoline parks so others will not suffer in the same way she has.

“I would like to warn others to be careful. If it looks busy, you are better if not going on to or holding a off until it is quieter. I wish I had done that,” she added.

But, despite her injury, many of Katie’s friends, family and colleagues have rallied round to support her.

“Work (Kidzplay) has been amazing,” she said.

“They said they will hold my job open for as long as they can so I can return when I am able.”

Her son, nine-year-old Kai, has also been Katie’s rock throughout the difficult ordeal.

“It really has been hard on him and had a big affect on his life.

“I cannot take him down the park or anything like that.

“But he has been amazing. He has learnt to do the washing up and other jobs around the house.”

Dr Amir Qureshi, pictured inset below, consultant knee and trauma surgeon at Southampton General Hospital, said before 2010 there was one reported trampoline injury and after 2014 there were more than 6,000.

Dr Qureshi said injuries to people’s necks, spines, abdominal, legs, arms and elbows were commonly caused by somersaults and flipping.

He added people needed to be aware and careful when they visited such parks.

“I am not saying they need to shut down all the trampoline parks down but people need to realise the dangers,” he said.

“I think there should be closer supervision.”

Dr Qureshi said trampoline park regulations were introduced for the first time last month but they needed to be reviewed regularly and improvements made.

Stephen Wilson, Oxygen’s executive directer, said: “We are very sorry to hear of Katie Mamone’s incident and the injuries she has unfortunately suffered since.

“We take great pride in practicing the highest levels of health and safety.

“On the date of this accident we were well within our capacity, with numerous court monitors on site well in excess of the nationally accepted ratio.

“Our investigations and the witness statements confirmed that it was simply an unfortunate innocuous incident that occurred when jumping from one trampoline to another and landing awkwardly, no other jumpers were involved.”

Mr Wilson said following the incident they tried to contacted Katie but they were not able to reach her.