A MAN has been stabbed to death in a late night attack.

The victim was seen scrambling across the street, desperate for help moments after being left for dead.

Shocked onlookers described the “crazy scenes” as detectives and forensic officers swarmed an Eastleigh street as part of the murder investigation.

Armed officers helped sweep properties in Scott Road as police arrested two people on suspicion of murder following the Thursday night stabbing.

The victim, who has not been identified, was given treatment but died on the way to the hospital.

Police were called to the residential street just before 11.30pm on Thursday night to reports of a man with serious stab wounds.

Armed police were also forced to shoot an “aggressive” dog as they searched one of the properties during their investigation.

Kristie Hayes, who lives on the street, said she heard the victim “loudly banging” on a neighbour’s door as he was “desperate for help” after being attacked.

She added: “I was up the whole night and heard it all. The man came out of the house and ran across the road.

“Someone tried to perform CPR on him for about half an hour but it didn’t work.”

The 22-year-old said there were “ten police officers armed with shields” in an unmarked car that parked outside her driveway.

Hampshire Constabulary said in a statement they attended the scene with South Central Ambulance Service.

The statement added: “Despite receiving medical treatment, the man died on the way to hospital.

“The victim, a white man, has not been formally identified at this stage.”

A 36-year-old man and a 51-year-old woman, both from Eastleigh, remain in custody over the stabbing.

Residents told the Daily Echo of the “unexpected” and “shocking” scenes that unfolded throughout the early hours of Friday morning as cordons were set up and the street blocked off.

Ian Arnold, who lives just yards away in Elm Grove, said: “We saw an Air Ambulance helicopter and got up to see what had happened and it landed over in Fleming Park.

“When we got Scott Road, I heard four gunshots. They were loud. I heard a dog yelp after the first shot then after the shots there was silence.”

Mr Arnold, 53, added: “I’ve never know anything like this happen in the 15-years I’ve lived here.”

Police stated that as part of the investigation a dog was shot and killed.

An additional statement from the force said: “We were confronted by an aggressive dog.

“Despite support from our specialist dog unit and following attempts to safely restrain it, it was deemed necessary to destroy the animal.”

Police confirmed the dog was shot dead by armed officers.

Throughout the day officers were seen searching through nearby bushes, properties and drains in the surrounding area.

Forensic officers continued searching one house in the street and an alleyway.

A neighbour, who did not want to be identified, said: “At 11.30pm, I woke up and heard people shouting in the street.

“I woke up Friday morning and there was police tape everywhere.

“You don’t expect any of this at your own doorstep.”

Another local, who wished to remain anonymous, added: “There was helicopters and loud noises all night.

“Armed police turned up with a dog unit and it just got crazy. It was really bad around here this morning.”

Despite the best efforts of the air ambulance and paramedics, the man passed away on the way to hospital while receiving treatment.

However, some residents said that they heard police state the victim was dead at the scene.

Residents also voiced their concerns after a police helicopter appeared above Eastleigh throughout Friday. But Hampshire Constabulary confirmed this was due to a car which failed to stop.