Macmillan Library Project Manager, Simone Simmons, is part of the Macmillan team in Southampton supporting people with cancer. She ensures there is up  to date, accurate high quality information and resources in all of the libraries in the city.

Feeling Isolated

“With more than one in three people receiving  a cancer diagnosis during their lives, it seems  everyone  has been affected by cancer in some way
- whether  it’s directly, or through a family member or friend.

“When you’re in that position, it’s easy to feel isolated and alone; you could be unsure who to turn to for information, advice or support. Not everyone wants to go straight to their  GP  with concerns though, and the internet  can contain some  scary information.”

Help at hand

“The library project provides a non-threatening, non clinical, relaxed environment for people to get information and support where  they need  it – in the heart of their local community.

“I often see the worried well, cancer survivors, friends and carers using the Macmillan resources in the library and asking questions, which is great.

“We often find that people feel better for sharing with others.”

“The project is more than just books  and DVD’s  though; we take information out into the community and bring the community to us through regular survivorship courses, awareness events, leisure activities and signposting to practical support such as counselling and support groups.

“The courses we run give people the chance to meet with other cancer survivors, and offer  ways  for people to self manage  the impact  of  living with cancer. It’s all about empowering   people so that they can enjoy life, and working through any issues together. We often find that people feel better for sharing with others who are in a similar situation, and makes them realise they are not alone.

“We are constantly trying to reach  new groups  as well as those community groups who may  not traditionally access our services, such as those from Black and Minority Ethnic communities and the elderly. Getting involved  in the local community, visiting and addressing places of worship and holding regular coffee mornings are all ways in which we offer our support.”

Macmillan is here for you in Southampton.
Cancer is one of the toughest things any of us can face,
and the Southampton Macmillan team is here to help
people affected by cancer every step of the way.
For local cancer information and support call the
Macmillan Library Project on
Tel: 0238 083 2460
Open: Mon to Thurs 10am–3pm.
Visit your Macmillan Information and Support centre at Southampton General Hospital, B level , SO16 6YD. The centre is open Mon to Fri 10am-4pm.
Call Jo or Mary on Tel: 0238 079 6037
If you have money worries as a result of cancer call the
Hampshire Macmillan Citizens Advice Service on
Tel: 0844 847 7727

For more about Macmillan and the services we offer, call the Support Line free on 0808 808 00 00