HE IS literally half the man he used to be and tonight  he will be sharing his battle against the bulge with the nation.

With help from Southampton surgeons, Andy Hale has shed 16 stone in weight and hopes his fat busting success featured in tonight's Embarrassing Fat Bodies will inspire others to take action and get fit.

The 33-year-old went to Spire Southampton Hospital in a bid to get his life back and enjoy the sports he had been forced to give up due to his obesity.

From going under the knife in the city, to his recovery and eating habits after surgery, the Channel 4 show filmed his weight loss journey in a bid to highlight the health dangers linked to those who are seriously overweight.

Andy first waged war against the food in 2007, when he decided to have a gastric bypass at the hospital, but despite dropping from 32 stone to 16 stone, the weight started to creep back on.

Andy said: “Initially the weight was just coming off, and it was easy for me, but as time wore on I found my tolerances for foods I hadn't been able to eat after the operation increased, and slowly I began to eat more bad foods and the weight crept back on.

“I was around 22 stone when I spoke to my surgeon again, who suggested a new procedure which involved a much lower chance of relapse and would help me keep the weight off long term.”

So in March 2012 Andy returned to Spire Southampton Hospital where he was fitted with a Fobi Ring, a rigid ring that is fixed around the stomach and cannot be stretched or broken, which is when the cameras started rolling for the hit television series.

Since then he is back down to 16 stone and back playing his favourite sports.

Weight loss surgeon Michael Van Den Bossche, said “The results of Andy's revision procedure have been very positive and we are pleased to see that he has lost six stone so far, and he is very committed to maintaining a healthier outlook for the future.

“It is always a great feeling to see a success story such as this and we wish him all the best.”

Andy, from Watford, added: “My journey so far has not been easy. I know that there is no 'quick fix' but I feel that I am now taking a step in the right direction for a longer, healthier life.”

You can watch Andy's story on Channel 4 tonight from 9pm.