Planning rights should be extended to all areas

10:00am Wednesday 6th March 2013

OXFORD City Council appears to be favouring Headington residents who are now able to shape minute detailed local aspects of the Local Plan for Oxford (March 2), by forming a forum to create a legally-binding plan for their community.

Why is it that other suburbs of the city, including Risinghurst, Cutteslowe and Marston have been afforded the lower category Community Plan wish-list?

As a resident of Marston I received no correspondence providing choices available, or an opportunity to provide an opinion or vote.

It appears that Marston residents have wasted their time attending hub meetings.

It’s a huge shame, as the locally advertised hub meetings proved that many residents were concerned about the future of The Friar and Tesco’s involvement – traffic issues and the like, residents’ parking and traffic issues plus expansion of residential building and also the expansion of Brookes.

After voting for these issues to be tackled, residents were told at a hub meeting that the hub was not able to influence these decisions.

Oxford City Council, why were we not told at that meeting of the option to create a Marston forum so that action could be taken by locals to make a difference in Marston?

Please put things right and afford Marston the same position that Headington, Wolvercote, Summertown and Jericho have been allowed to secure.

ELAINE BENNETT, Marston Road, Oxford


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