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    aldermoorboy wrote: Make this the election issue. Vote Tory do not pay £90k for Union 2. Vote Labour pay the money for these guys that caused the trouble last year. The fight in May will be between sanity/Tories or Labour/Union Bullies ( in my view). I will be voting Tory
    A vote for the Torys is £14 million services cuts in budget and lost of jobs, number unknown but will be more than Labour job loses. Labour plans a £13 million service cuts in budget with the lost of 1,500 jobs. Lib/dems, Greens, Southampton First, BNP all plan to make cuts to services budget some where between the Torys and Labour and will lead to job loses and an unstable local Economy. Its only the TUSC that is saying no to any cuts, and run a needs budget program with no job loses, resulting in a more stabilise local Economy.
    If you live above your means (which both the Labour government and Southampton's Labour council did hugely!) you must expect the consequences. We are paying for the incompetence of the last Labour government and the 25 years of Labour councils. > Somebody has to pick up the pieces and sort out the mess. It is being taken care of with a strategy, plans for the future and an enthusiasm we haven't seen for years! You don't for one second want a Labour council again, do you?!
    The problem came about because of the 1980's Torys National Government, they set the laws and rules that all council will apply to, rules that have not change very much only increases of running cost and reduction in how much the city gets back from government. Both the Torys and Labour lack the back bone to question the National Government over these laws and rules that the 1980's National Tory Government interduce. Would prefer a Labour Council than a Tory one, Torys do the usual trick create a mess and then blame some else. But I would most of all like to see a TUSC control council at lest the majority of people would be better off.
    "Torys do the usual trick create a mess and then blame some else" Had to laugh! Sorry. > You quote the above after we had 25 years of Labour councils who did zilch, suffered from inertia and spent all our money with nothing to show for it except a City in decay. And you Southy, want Labour back?! I give up! The world has gone mad!!
    Did you not read what I posted, its because of National Government of the 1980's that cause the mess in the first place, they set the new laws and rules to regulate local Government by.
    It's no good going back before the Labour government. The Labour government had every opportunity to do what they liked - with the majority they had, they could have changed anything! > The Labour government left us in a mess because of their overspending, lack of investment and no strategy or plans for the future! The Labour councils Southampton had for 25 years were of a similar ilk - their legacy was to leave this City in a state of decay, a place where business didn't want to come and where people left for better futures. > I just wanted someone (it could have been any political party!) who would have a strategy, plans, vision, enthusiasm and someone who gets things done. I am seeing that for the first time in years! > I want the City of Southampton to be a success and a place where our citizens will be proud to say they live in Southampton. You will never ever achieve that under Labour............
    And whats being achieved under the current administration? cuts in children's and adults social care, day services for the vulnerable closed, Surestart centres and libraries closed. Pay cuts that have caused a crisis and resulted in the council paying £400 per day to social workers?

    When challenged, you go to the typical Tory reply of " Labour got us into this" Come on George, tell us how this is acceptable and how these cuts are going to do anything but damage your beloved Southampton?

    Southampton is failing its vulnerable and elderly.. but its fine because we have a museum.
    "Southampton is failing its vulnerable and elderly.. but its fine because we have a museum"

    The Labour government and the Southampton Labour council failed these people. The Labour government inherited the best economy any incoming government has ever inherited, and with NO DEBT! It followed Tory policies for two years and then went totally mad for the next ten years! It sold our gold, raided pensions, gave massive salary rises to the already well off professionals in the Public sector (Doctor's salaries doubled!) etc etc. Labour spent money like it was going out of fashion and at the same time encouraged personal debt to levels never ever to be seen again! They made no investment for the future, they overspent massively and left us with huge debt and under the guidance of the IMF. Labour has the knack of bankrupting our country - they've done it twice in my lifetime.

    You have to make money to spend money - it is a principle a Labour government cannot grasp unless it is to build up their personal Property Portfolios in order to make themselves millionaires!

    The same applies to our illustrious Labour council of 25 years who achieved zilch despite having loads of money passing through its grasp. Oh yes, they did introduce salaries for themselves! The Labour council did not invest in the future for the benefit of any of the citizens in the City of Southampton - they were too hell bent on their political ideology and the outcome was there for all to see - a City in decay, businesses not wanting to invest in Southampton, people with any gumption have upped sticks and left for better futures elsewhere, and who can blame them?

    If it wasn't for the Universities and the Hospitals we would be a ghost city!
    “and with NO DEBT! It followed Tory policies for two years”

    Yes you are right New Labour implemented Tory policies not only for two years but practised most ruthless form of Thatcherism throughout 13 years it was in power at national level. That is exactly what led to the mess they left behind, BUT what has your Tory lot done along with most unprincipled partners of convenience?.... Made the situation even worse. Even the triple A credit ratings Georgie boy was fascinated with; according some recent reports could be in danger
    How can you say “NO DEBT”??? To start with massive borrowing from USA during Winston Churchill’s time was not cleared by Maggie Thatcher or John Major but in all fairness it was eventually cleared by NuLabour government
    But this item is not about national government it’s about Tory run Southampton Council. CONservatives have been in power for few years, so they should take full blame for whatever is going wrong in our city."
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Taxpayer funded union officials review ruled out at Southampton City Council

Southampton Civic Centre

Southampton Civic Centre

First published in Politics

Labour and Lib Dem councillors have refused to back a review of taxpayer funded union officials at Southampton City Council.

As previously reported, Conservative councillors have threatened to end the public funding of two full-time union posts and stop giving unions use of council offices, estimated to be worth up to £90,000 a year.

Opposition councillors refused to back the move, saying it was poorly timed and would sour industrial relations.

Labour said union reps saved the council money by helping to resolve employment disputes early.

Unions have called the proposal a “vindictive attack” by council leader Royston Smith after members launched industrial action over pay cuts imposed on council workers last summer.

Cllr Smith denied the charge and said the council would continue to give union officials time off to perform their duties.

But he said it was not right that tens of thousands of pounds of city taxpayers’ money was funding union officials to represent 2,500 members at the council.

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