THIS is how five blocks of council flats along Southampton’s Weston Shore will look after a £9m makeover.

The towers in International Way will be clad in insulation blocks in several shades of blue as part of the revamp.

The new coloured cladding and sparkling new windows will transform the look of the towers to passing ships on Southampton Water.

Tory housing boss Peter Baillie gave the go-ahead for the blue colour scheme after residents were consulted for their ideas.

The blocks are being given a makeover to make them more energy efficient.

Alongside improved insulation the blocks are also getting new double glazed windows and balcony doors.

Centrally controlled electric heating will be replaced with a gas fired boiler house at the top of each block supplying individually controlled and metered heating and hot water to each flat.

The works are being funded by a £6m grant from British Gas and £3m from the council, which was recently forced to defend the security of the building sites.

The blocks are due completed by the end of September before the council moves on to improve other nearby blocks.