HE could be the only thing in the skies above Hampshire today.

UK Independence Party candidate Peter Day is planning to take to the air today to get his message across.

Mr Day will fly over Southampton and the New Forest in an aircraft trailing a UKIP banner and campaign message.

Mr Day, UKIP’s candidate in New Forest East, owns a Rockwell Commander aircraft based at Old Sarum airfield, near Salisbury.

He will fly to Dunsfold, Kent, before transferring to another aircraft for the flight over Southampton and the Forest.

“UKIP doesn’t have the army of leafletters like the three main parties and we need to get the message out to as many people as we can with the minimum of resources,” he said.

“The Rockwell isn’t suitable so I’ll go to Dunsfold and fly a banner-towing aircraft with the owner.”

Mr Day, who has been flying for nearly 40 years, is advising people to look skywards between 1pm and 2pm.