FORMER policeman and council tenants champion Alan Kebbell is standing as the Itchen candidate for UKIP.

He grew up in London but came to Southampton to manage a pub in 1988 having previously been a police officer, soldier and child care officer.

He has pledged to fight to improve children's education, to ensure proper funding of the NHS and for "real deterrent sentences" for those convicted of crime.

The outgoing secretary of the Federation of Southampton Tenants' and Residents' Associations added: "I will also fight to remove, completely, the stealth taxes paid by all council tenants to a so-called socialist government."

Mr Kebbell said statistics had been abused to mask a rise in crime and would make it a top issue.

"Many that live on or near our troubled estates know that petty crime and anti-social behaviour have gone through the roof, with many not reporting crimes due to lack of action by our beleaguered police," he said.

Mr Kebbell is calling for a return to the three-tier education system where children going to smaller schools more suited to individual ability.

Grammar school pupil Mr Kebbell accused Labour for denying the same educaion as he had to all but the rich.

He also wants authority returned to the teachers.

Mr Kebbell is also campaigning for the NHS to be "properly funded with emphasis placed on clinical excellence, and the removal of quango management" and for treatment to be equal to all across the UK.