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    sound ranger wrote:
    southy wrote:
    sound ranger wrote: Southy, with all due respect, you are either a fool or a liar. I think most of us already know the answer to that question.
    how about it could be that you miss under stand me in what i am trying to say. and calling any one a fool or a liar with out proof is fool hardy ground to stand on is it not. but carry on because the more you do it, the more people think ah there is some in what southy is saying, its getting the backs up on a tiny few people, maybe its the truth they dont like and its coming back to haunt them.
    The historical facts mean nothing to you, plain and simple.
    You may wish to airbrush history to suit your arguements, but the simple truth is you are wrong on so many levels.
    You carry on posting as you do more damage to yourself then I ever could.
    Every village needs an idiot.
    historical facts mean a lot to me, and the plain and simple truth you are unable to see what is false political propaganda and what is not and there is a lot of false propaganda, at lest i do try and see though that false propaganda. and has one usa general once said history is written by the victor's weather if there version history is right or wrong, and it be the future generations to sort it all out.
    let me give you an easy example, wwii north africa, every one praise montgomery and the americans for winning the battle of north africa. whitch is true so you use this fact, but what they will not tell you is that the germans was beating twice before hand and the germans & itanlians army could of been kick of north africa way before montgomery and the americans turned up. but the british government failed in there duty mainly winson churchill in supplying the equipment that was needed to finish of the job, in fact he stop any more gear going there till montgomery turned up. and this fact was hidden up for a long time, this is one form of propaganda only telling part of the whole story.
    like the american will not amitt that they lost the war in veitnam but the truth here is that all the major battles and the political war going on at the same time they got there butts kick, there was one major battle that the usa nearly won but because of agreement between china and vietnam and theres no two ways about it china did support vietnam to hilt, china cross into vietnam and boosted up the vietnam troops, and china did not support cambodia at all, that is just usa political false propaganda they could not been seen that they was the cause of the mess in that country by supporting one rebel then supporting another, even the bombing of cambodia capital killing all those government members stayed hidden for a while, and it this news was first release in india the american denied it happening and if it did happen it was not them. and when the ground pictures was publish of planes bombing the capital the americans had to come clean but even then they was altering the facts to suit them, like one of the storys gave a later date to when it really happen, and there excuse was that they was after anti rebel government forces and blame them for the killing of all the government members, but if it was not for that indian news paper we would not know the true date of the bombing of the capital, even to-day the usa still denieds the true date. its not in there interest for people to know the whole truth of the matter.
    before the wwii in the far east communism was all ready on the move and exspaning, but when the war broke out in this area of the world it came to a near holt, during the war the american told the europians after the war all empires in the had to stop, this was because the usa like the rest of europe knew that there was oil in the far east, but theres this problem communism was taken the area over and with that would mean no cheap oil for the west, this is why the un under usa orders to help out in the stop of communism spreading thats why there was lines draw across vietnam and korea, you need to know this about korea it was a dependencey provenance to china for 100's of years before the war.
    you can only know what is true facts and what is not when you get rid off any false propaganda and believe me there is loads of it on all sides, the 20th century and even now at the beginning of this century is the worse so far in history for false propaganda, and if you chose to, or wish in believing that false propaganda go ahead who am i to try and stop you. but your the kind if living in 1915 who would believe in that propaganda that the germans eat babys. that as put about by the british government. its some thing we all laugh about now days, but it did happen and people did believe in it."
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David Cameron berated by Southampton University students

David Cameron

David Cameron

First published in Elections

CONSERVATIVE leader David Cameron hit the election trail in Hampshire today.

But the Tory came under fire from students on a visit to the University of Southampton.

While touring the student services building he was tackled by student Chloe Green, who criticised him over his education policies.

The 19-year-old, from Dorset, accused him of doing nothing to help the working class and getting rid of vital funding for poorer students.

Daily Echo: Click below to see a video of today's headlines in sixty seconds

After confronting him as he met other students, she was told by Mr Cameron that, although a Tory administration would keep tuition fees, it would protect bursaries and other efforts to get young people from poorer backgrounds into top universities.

But the English literature student - who said she supported the Liberal Democrats but was not a member of any party and was not certain yet how she would vote - told him bluntly: "I do not believe you."

Ms Green said later: "I went to a comprehensive and I'm working class and I would not be here if the Government did not give me a lot of money - my parents could not afford it."

Asked if she had been convinced by Mr Cameron's answers, she said: "Absolutely not. He just told me Labour were talking rubbish, as he always does."

Then as Mr Cameron arrived for the tour of the sustainable energy department with Southampton Tory candidates Jeremy Moulton and Royston Smith he was heckled by history and politics student Sam Hall, 21.

Mr Hall, from Reading, a Labour supporter, wanted to know why students should have to pay interest on their loans and why the Tories proposed discounts to those who paid back them back more quickly.

He shouted at the Tory leader three times adding: “Dave I thought you were a man of the people.”

Mr Cameron insisted he would get a “straight” answer from the Tories - unlike the other parties - but then ducked into the civil engineering block where he was given a tour by professor of sustainable energy AbuBakr Bahaj.

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