GIVING people the chance to express concern that the country is governed by unelected officials with widely different legal systems prompted Jocelyn Penn-Bull to stand as UKIP’s candidate in Winchester.

The former stockbrocker said UK citizens no longer live in a democracy and said leaving the European Union was the only way we can bring an end to the “affront to our sovereignty”.

Mr Penn-Bull said Lib Dems were unashamedly shackled to the EU while Gordon Brown had reneged on his undertaking to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Constitution.

He added in 2007 David Cameron had said: “If I become Prime Minister a Conservative government will hold a referendum on any EU treaty.” But he now said he would not hold a referendum on Lisbon.

Mr Penn-Bull said: “I am constantly amazed that our elected representatives are so keen to give away their and our sovereignty. Our fishing fleets have been destroyed and behind any new legislation, passed by parliament with scant scrutiny, lies an EU directive.

“The two richest countries in Europe, Norway and Switzerland, are not even in the EU. We can trade with Europe and the World without subjecting ourselves to an unelected dictatorship. We have this opportunity to vote for democracy and reclaim our parliament and laws.”