Age: 62

Address: Greatham, near Liss

Political Party: Justice and Anti-Corruption Party

He is a retired lawyer, “high level strategist” – and believes he can do the best job as Hampshire’s first elected Police and Crime Commissioner.

Don Jerrard has also vowed to waive the £85,000 salary if elected to the position – insisting he is there to make a “contribution for the people of Hampshire.”

The 62-year-old put his top priority as doing the job well and revitalising the police.

He also says he would strive to keep police stations open, saying he believes they are “the only way to have a local presence”.

Other priorities for Mr Jerrard would be to make sure all crimes are properly recorded and dealing with “dreadful crimes of particular concern” such as child abuse and violent crime.

He says he is uniquely suited to the job because he is the only candidate that is not currently, or has been recently, affiliated with a major political party.

He also believes his work as a lawyer has equipped him for the role.

He said: “I’m a very high level strategist.

“I’m the only person properly qualified to do the job – I was a very high powered lawyer, a senior partner in a major group.

“I know how to run a group of people in the area of law.

“I’m very well qualified and with all due respect to the others, none of them are.”
Mr Jerrard says he believes his main challenge if elected would be to motivate a police force where “morale is very low”.

He says he would work to get police officers working in a “motivated and cohesive manner”.
If he had to pick a new chief constable to replace Alex Marshall, Mr Jerrard says he would be looking for someone with the “right ideals” who was “competent and experienced”.

He says he believes who is elected as Police and Crime Commissioner should be security vetted.

He added: “It wouldn’t bother me at all being vetted – I’m very boring and squeaky clean.”