Ed Miliband was hit with an egg during a walkabout in Southampton today.

The Labour leader Ed Miliband had just thanked the people of the city for putting their trust in his party.

Speaking in Shirley High Street Mr Miliband described Cllr Richard Williams as a “fantastic” leader of Southampton's Labour Party and pledged to repay the voters trust by working on the issues that matter most to people: jobs, housing and public services.

He added: “The reason why we won in Southampton is because we have been running a campaign about people's priorities. A campaign that Richard has led around jobs, around housing, around public services and around the things that matter to people.

“Here in Southampton it's a rejection of the economic failure of this government and the unfairness of this government.

People are understanding that Labour understands the struggles you are going through.

“Labour is back in the South of England. Labour will keep these promises.”

However, not everyone was happy to see the Labour leader in the city. One protestor cracked an egg on Mr. Miliband's shoulder as he gave an interview after his speech.