Lib Dems launch campaign in Romsey

7:06pm Friday 8th May 2009

LIBERAL Democrats held a rally in Romsey to launch their European election campaign for the south east.

South east Euro MP Sharon Bowles was joined by number two candidate Catherine Bearder and the Lib Dem's local MP Sandra Gidley.

They paraded through Romsey market before a heading to meeting with a bunch of local traders at the town hall following a recent survey.

Mrs Bowles, who in 2005 replaced Chris Huhne when he was elected as Eastleigh MP, said the Lib Dem's were Europe's "critical friend" and best placed to tackle cross-border issues like climate change and crime.

She said the UK needed a more flexible approach towards the European Union which should not be a "one size fits all".

Mrs Bowles, below, who sits on the European Parliament's committee on economic and monetary affairs, said Lib Dems would give the public a vote on joining the Euro which she said would be a boost to many businesses.

"I'm in favour of the Euro but you wouldn't aim to join at a time of stress like now," she said.

Daily Echo: Lib Dems launch campaign in Romsey

Mrs Bearder said she hoped to help the Lib Dems make Britain a safer, more prosperous and more environmentally sustainable by working with European neighbours “to make life better for everybody across the EU.”

“The best way to tackle the problems facing Britain today is to lead from the centre of Europe not isolate ourselves on its fringes,” she said.


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