Southend mum attacked by three men on Maldon estate

8:00am Thursday 10th January 2013

A MUM has spoken of her terrifying ordeal when three men attacked her and her boyfriend.

Elizabeth Mcguire, 23, of London Road, Westcliff was punched in the face by the thugs who she says jumped her in a random attack in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Full-time mum Miss Mcguire had been visiting her sister in Wordsworth Avenue, Maldon and was talking to her boyfriend in the street when the men launched their vicious attack.

when these three boys came running up to us.
“They were three random boys. They were punching and kicking us, my partner had to cover me at one point.

“For a man to hit a girl like that is just disgusting. I was so scared they were going to kill my partner.
“I think we might have been talking quite loudly outside but there’s no need for violence.”

Miss Mcguire was then taken to Broomfield Hospital by ambulance after the men had run off.
She is now out of hospital and recovering at home.

She said: “I have got to go back to hospital in a week’s time, they don’t know if I will need stitches.
“My partner is fine, he’s just got lumps and a pain in his chest where they kicked him.”

Miss Mcguire could not remember what all three men looked like but described them all as in their 20s.
One man was tall, with light brown spiky hair and was wearing a blue top. The other was shorter and muscley.

A police spokesman said: “Police were called to Wordsworth Avenue at around 1.30am with reports of four people fighting in the street.
“Police are currently waiting to take a statement from the victim. No arrests have been made.”

Residents living in the street and nearby have expressed their surprise at hearing about violence in the area.

Neighbourhood watch co-ordinator for the Poet’s estate, Sue Thomson, of Browning Road, said she believed the estate was a nice place to live.


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