Gritters out as snow falls in Sussex

7:34pm Wednesday 3rd April 2013

Winter has refused to release its grip on the country with snow falling across Sussex tonight.

Areas from Kent to West Sussex have seen temperatures as low as 2C (35.6F) and a light dusting of snow, with up to nearly an inch (2cm) settling in some places.

Gritters were tonight out across the county to ensure the main roads were treated.

Dan Williams, of the Met Office, said: "It's not going to amount to anything, maybe a dusting at the most. Maybe by tomorrow morning over the Downs you might see one or two centimetres at the most over that higher ground.

"It's just the visual spectacle of seeing a few wintry flurries."

The snow will continue in sporadic showers over the next few days and will not completely end until late Friday or early Saturday.

The Met Office said the snow came from north-eastern Europe, with high pressure over the UK bringing in cold air from the continent.

In south-east England thick cloud has insulated the cold night-time temperatures, and so any showers could fall as snow.

Although temperatures will get warmer on Monday when an Atlantic weather front is predicted to bring more mild temperatures, unsettled conditions will still bring April showers.

Mr Williams said: "I think we'll see a bit of rain and some windy conditions but also at times some drier and brighter spells."

Frosty weather in April is not unusual, with snow statistically more likely at Easter than at Christmas, according to Mr Williams. The latest date snow was recorded in UK was June 2, 1975.

Mr Williams said: "That's a fairly unlikely event but as history has born out it can happen.

He added: "Obviously we wouldn't be able to say this far in advance whether it's likely or not."


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