What a whopper!

The Southern Daily Echo’s freshwater angling reporter Mark Simmonds has landed one of the biggest Siamese carp ever caught.

That was a 116lb specimen from Gillhams Fishing Resort at Krabi in Thailand.

Up to a few months ago, the fish would have been a world record.

But Gillhams produced a massive 134 lb fish in October to another British angler. However, Simmonds’ fish is thought to be the second biggest in the fishery. The fish took a halibut pellet over a p.v.a bag of pellets fished to the back of the gravel bar and took 30 minutes to land. Simmonds also took arapaima of 120lb and 280lb plus Amazon red tail catfish to 50lb AND Amazon stingrays to 40lb during his trip.

He now has three freshwater bests over 100lb, adding his carp to a personal best arapaima of 380lb and a Mekong catfish of 180lb. Simmonds nearly made it four over 100lb when losing a battle with a freshwater stingray estimated at 150lb when it broke the hook link.