ED Holmes has called on AFC Totton chairman Andy Straker to talk to him.

Holmes, managing director of Testwood Park Limited (TPL), is keen to enter discussions with Straker about a proposed financial investment aimed at clearing the Stags’ mountain of debt and putting the club on a sound business/commercial footing.

It follows two failed attempts by TPL to take control of the club last summer.

First TPL offered to take on AFC Totton’s debt and buy the freehold title of the Stags’ Testwood Stadium home for £1.

Then they pushed for 99-year commercial lease, but that too came to nothing as Totton opted to remain a members’ club and voted in a new interim executive committee headed by Straker.

Holmes – who recently stepped down as chairman of neighbouring Totton & Eling – insists he wants the best for the Stags.

He said: “Testwood Park Limited is still interested in taking over. We’re prepared to sit down with AFC Totton and negotiate with Mr Straker. When he feels he wants to do that, then give me a call.

“All I wish is that we could talk, but I want trust from him. “The last time I got shafted by what went on with the other people and that’s why I pulled out.

“If he (Straker) wants to sit on the TPL board as a club rep I’d have no problem with that. “He should eat a bit of humble pie, come down off his pedestal and talk to me.

“Between us we could work this thing out, but I can’t do it unless he agrees to talk.

“All I want is a solution.”

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