SAINTS FA Cup winner Jim Steele is confident new chairman Katharina Liebherr will act in the "best interests" of the club.

“She’s not going to be silly, she’s a very shrewd business woman," he said.

"She will be well advised, she’s the one with the money and the one who owns the club, I’m sure she will act in the best interests of the club.”

Steele, man of the match when Saints won the FA Cup at Wembley in 1976, added: “The players will be thinking ‘what’s happening here’, they’ll be worried and they’ll want Pochettino to stay on.”

“Managers will be looking at this and thinking there’s an opportunity to get some players in here. Shaw, Lallana and Lambert will have their fair share of attention from clubs.”

“It could be disastrous but I hope the stability remains.”

“There has been a lot of investment in the team and they need time to settle in – Osvaldo and Ramirez need time, it’s not that easy to settle in.”

Regarding Saints' former chairman Nicola Cortese, Steele said: “Cortese has been a lot of hassle but he’s been successful at the same time and that is all that matters.”

“What I hope is that the club remain stable and keeps moving forward.

"I love the club to death and I wouldn’t want anything truly bad to happen.”