Southampton’s Billy Morgan has called for changes to the snowboarding course he will be competing on at this week’s Winter Olympics.

Morgan, who comes from Shirley, has been training on the course being used for Slopestyle, a freestyle event that makes its Olympic debut on Thursday.

One of his rivals, Norwegian Torstein Horgmo, was taken to hospital with a broken collarbone after crashing this morning, amid concerns from other competitors that the course is too dangerous.

"It's been a bit scary getting used to hitting the jumps,” said Morgan.

"The jumps weren't raked properly, which hopefully they can sort tomorrow so they are smoother and not as intense to land."

Writing on his facebook page, Morgan added: "Today's training was scary in a good way. Jumps are massive. It's gonna go off!!"

All three jumps are now being reduced in size, one by as much as three feet.

Before seeing the course, Australia snowboard star Torah Bright expressed her worries in a press conference. “When jumps aren't built properly and they don't match up in height, it can be a safety issue,” she said.

"As long as the jumps are built fine ... we'll be able to manage it.

"When we put our lives and our bodies on the line too, you want things built very well and as safe as they could be."